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To participate in either of these groups, please complete the questionnaire below. When we receive the completed form, we will contact you to discuss options. For those interested, we will offer, at no charge, a short cooking class (sample class) to be sure we have groups that work well together. If there isn’t a good match for your child now, there might be down the road. You also have the option of gathering your own group of 3 or 4 similarly skilled friends and creating a “private” class.

Cost will be based on length of class, menu, and donations received. We will do our best to make the Social Cooking Groups inexpensive or at no cost.



For younger children who are just beginning to learn

Young Adults

young adults

For young adults with moderate skills

Please note:  each event requires a participating adult to attend (at no additional cost).

This information is to help us gather information to pull together groups! We want similar skills and combinations that could potentially create friendships and relationships that can grow. Please complete for the child/young adult.

Please note at this location we cannot accommodate severe food sensitivities or allergies. It wouldn’t be safe or responsible. We can consider other private in-home options.

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