Breakfast Recipes

dried cherry scones

Dried Cherry Scones

Description: Moist scone exuding flavors of your favorite dried fruit and chocolate.

Sensory Objectives: When the dough is put on the board, very gentle hand kneading is required and your hands will get quite sticky!

Language Objectives: Fresh vs. dried fruits, why wouldn’t fresh cherries work? (Too much moisture) How could we change up the ingredients? (Orange zest? In addition to or instead of something?)

bacon egg and cheese bake

Bacon & Cheese Egg Bake

Description: Great for big family or with friends!

Sensory Objectives: The bacon is a little slippery to cut, so it might be easier if it was partially frozen. Lots of smells with this! Bacon, as well as garlic and onion powder, smell strong. When eating, there are several different textures combined.

Language Objectives: Discuss how many people this will serve (we say around 12). What other things could be added to change the flavor or texture? Would jalapeños make this hot? Would spinach make it more healthy?

aunt laura's pancakes

Aunt Laura´s Pancakes

Description: Made-from-scratch pancakes like mom used to make!

Sensory Objectives: Sifting will make the flour fluffier. Touch before & after sifting. Pouring the batter in the same size circles on the frying pan will use some fine motor skills. Flipping the pancakes will use other motor skills.

Language Objectives: Is this the only kind of pancake? What about crepes? What are your favorite toppings for pancakes?

aunt nancy's muffins

Aunt Nancy´s Muffins

Description: Oatmeal and bran muffins that are moist and made with orange juice!

Sensory Objectives: Cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice will make these smell yummy as they bake. The batter will look brown and lumpy, but when baked they will look delicious and toasty brown.

Language Objectives: Look at the ingredients – what makes these healthier than other muffins? What other dried fruit could you use instead of cranberries? When would these be good to serve? What other foods would these be good with?