Suggestions for Using This Website

How to Use This Website.

This website is designed to be multi-functional and inclusive to all levels of learners. It’s a place to sign up for classes whether you are skilled or just beginning. We welcome diversity!

For the neuro-diverse learners:

  • The recipes and videos include language and sensory goals. We regularly consult with a speech pathologist and an occupational therapist, to make sure the goals are beneficial. This allows both the videos and the recipes to be used as teaching tools in homes, schools, and possibly therapy offices.
  • Videos will be great for visual learners, but there are also recipes that can be printed out. We are all about saving trees, but here are the benefits to using printed recipes: (1) a printed recipe means less “screen time”; (2) it creates opportunities to read, and (3) it allows a place to add notes (creating an opportunity to work on fine motor skills like writing).
  • Printed recipes help with organizational skills. We recommend that people completely read through the recipe at least once before they start. Of course, this can be done with assistance as needed.

If you live in the Phoenix area, we recommend a few classes to get started.

  • If we are working with folks who have a variety of special needs, we will ask that a parent or care provider attends along with the person who is taking the class. This provides a way to be sure everyone’s needs are met and we are keeping everyone safe.
  • Kitchens are full of hot and/or sharp things and respect for that is one of the first things we need to teach. After a few classes, you may want to continue or move on to using the recipes and videos provided.

To participate in neuro-diverse groups or individual food experiences you have 2 options:

  • You can call or email Katie to set up private groups (these will have a fee; her contact information is in the footer), or
  • You can fill out the questionnaire available on the site and as we can, we will try to create workable social cooking groups that will involve a few lessons for each group to get them started (we are hoping to fund these through donations).
After 2-4 lessons, you will be able to continue on your own, using recipes and videos, or choose to move to private groups. This is something new, so we will make changes as needed, but this is our starting plan.